What’s Next?- A Message From But Why?- Please Read Carefully

Thanks very much for considering purchasing our production of Tyranny Rolls- Justice for All.

Should you decide to purchase the experience, you should prepare to be engrossed in an immersive world of our design.

The experience will last for a total of 5 days and we request that you are free for the hour slot on each day of the experience. For example, if you were to book the 1pm slot starting on a Monday. We ask that you ensure you are free for the 4 consecutive days too. Although you may not be contacted every day, there will certainly be content delivered in the form of web puzzles, emails, and data drops.

When you are to be contacted, these various means will be done so anonymously so the details will register as “unrecognised”. These methods are implemented to protect our actor’s anonymity and will not affect you, or your devices, in any way.

Furthermore, internet access will be required on each day of the experience. We HIGHLY recommend having access to a laptop or computer for easier access and convenience. In addition to this requirement, as part of the experience, you will be given an email address. Please keep these details safe and make a habit of checking them regularly- we will continue to send information outside of the scheduled performance times as part of the overall experience.

Finally, the following experience takes place over 4 days (the fifth being without a video call) and, should you be unable to continue for any reason, please contact butwhytheatre@gmail.com and we shall immediately pause the experience. Furthermore, if you have any questions about the experience- please contact the same email address and we can address these inquiries

Thanks very much and:-

Prepare to be immersed.

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