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Hi! Thanks for dropping by! Pull up a chair, grab a biscuit, and have a look! Below are some key ways we, and other like us have made a difference in the name of social justice.

Enjoy your stay and, when you like what you see, consider joining the fight for equality for all!

The Bodi- Posi Parade

  • Last month’s “body-posi parade” was a huge success!!
  • We found tonnes of new signups and signatures leaving those biggots in the dust!
  • As always, we expected some bad eggs to interrupt our march but the Acceptance Allys amongst us put them in their place! Go Team!!!Nutrition recommendations to support your target goals

Become a Warrior for Social Justice!

Use your privilege to FIGHT for those who don’t have a voice to do so!

Conversion Therapy- all you need to know

Biggotd Boris has shown, once again, he values division and outright homophobia over acceptance and love.

Check out the Pink News’ take below for the fresh scoop!

Disgusting Tweet

Disgusting tweet from another BIGOT

Find out how you can help provide a voice to the voiceless with Tyranny Rolls!!


Harry Potter and the TURF Takedown!

JK thinks she can get away with spreading misinformation about marginalised groups and Trans Folks online. We at Tyranny Rolls know she can’t!!!

More Tweeted bigitory from JK!

What’s Next?

Every second we aren’t taking action someone misuses their platform to spread bigotry and hate.

This HAS to stop. But we can’t do it alone. We NEED you.

With your help we can mount an offensive against these Nazis and bring the fight directly to them! With us, you can AND WILL save lives.

Disgusted by what you see?

So are we! But with love, compassion, and a drive for social justice for all- we can make Tyranny Roll!!

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